Boost E-commerce Retention with Charitable Donations

Our Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates charitable collaborations within e-commerce. By transparently showcasing the impact of donations through post-purchase activation, we cultivate a more loyal and recurring customer base.


“By enabling donations in the checkout with the aid of Charity Funnel, we give customers the opportunity to actively participate in the fight against climate change by supporting projects that reduce emissions and preserve biodiversity.”

Adam Lind
Head of Digital, HOLDIT

A better way to send money.

Choice and control
Charity Funnel enable you to select the perfect charity or combination of charities that align with your values and brand strategy.
Engage customers
Customers who donate deserve special attention. They exhibit a higher Average Order Value (AOV) and Retention Rate while making fewer returns.
Tangible action
We transform your company's purpose into action through tangible donations. By encouraging altruistic reciprocity, unity is fostered between commerce and customers.

“Did you know that 77% of consumers are more motivated buying from companies that are committed to making the world a better place?”

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