For Charities

We provide donation infrastructure tailored for e-commerce and are committed to long-term partnerships.
For charitable organizations, our service comes at no cost. We do not deduct any portion of the donation. All expenses lies the e-commerce business.
With obligation to legal compliance under Swedish Law, every cent of your donation reaches its intended destination.

“New technical services like Charity Funnel can possibly develop donor technical infrastructure to a industry grateful for all the aid it can get.”

“Charity Funnel enables donations in areas where large quantities of donors congregate.”

“I’m positively following the development of new services with technical expertise like Charity Funnel, designed to create donation-flows between consumers, commerce and charities.”


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you ask for permission to use our material?

Certainly. Before integrating the logo of a charitable cause into the e-commerce checkout flow, we always seek your permission.

What about legal?

We prioritize legal compliance by signing agreements with both the e-commerce and the charitable foundation before initiating any collaboration. All parties—e-commerce, Charity Funnel, and the charity—verify the donated amounts, fostering three-way transparency to ensure that every donation reaches its intended destination.

And compliance?

We adhere to Swedish laws concerning the disbursement of donations, including The Swedish Money Laundering Act. Additionally, as handlers of charitable donations, we are registered to report to the Swedish financial police.

Can Charities connect current partnerships to your service?

Absolutely. We're open to discussing the potential benefits of our service and how it may complement your existing partnerships.

More questions?