Charity Funnel, Omni-channel Altruism

We consist of two parts:
Charity Funnel


One click to donate: one transaction for the consumer.

Charity Funnel operates on the belief that simplifying the donation process leads to increased contributions. By seamlessly integrating altruistic engagement into the e-commerce customer experience, we aim to encourage more donations.

But what exactly is a donation? For consumers, it's a small act of giving; for charities, it's essential income. From an e-commerce perspective, a donation can be seen as a low-cost cross-sell with a high add-to-basket rate, enabling you to segment customer on aligned values.


Segment customers on aligned values.

From a Customer Lifetime Value perspective, everything leading up to acquisition is just a cost. Hence, we enhance retention through post-purchase customer activation.

However, crafting personalized emails is time-consuming, and segmented emails often end up in the procrastination-pile. Donating customers is not only worthy of extra attention, they are also extraordinarily lucrative.

Case Study:

Omni-channel Altruism at Dedicated Brand

In the fall of 2023, we launched a collaboration with Dedicated Brand to strengthen their longstanding partnership with the charitable foundation, One Tree Planted. Here's what we achieved in the first four months:

Charitable Strategy

Our goal was to integrate Dedicated Brand's efforts to plant fruit trees in India, where they also have production, through One Tree Planted into various aspects of the customer experience, fostering unity and dialogue with customers supporting this common cause. Naturally, for every $ donated, 100% of the amount went uncut to planting trees.

“With Dedicated Brands’ commitment to giving back to the environment by planting trees over the past 5 years, we are restoring forests, creating habitat for biodiversity, and making a positive social impact.”

Louis Lagoutte
Regional Fundraising Director Europe, One Tree Planted

Onboarding and Integration
Assisted by Dedicateds E-commerce Platform: Centra

“With it’s altruistic goals and enabling consumers to easily donate to causes that matter to them, Charity Funnel is a great fit for the Centra ecosystem.”

Mats Rajala
Head of Partner Success, Centra

Live Impact Counter

Dedicated's website featured an impact counter which was connected to a Charity Funnel API endpoint, allowing visitors to track the progress of donations in real-time. See for yourself!

Iframe in the Checkout

Segmentation Based on Aligned Values

Customer retention is an ongoing process. Therefore, Charity Funnel collaborated with Dedicated to co-author and send four emails during this period, nurturing customer relationships by informing about their united tree-planting initiative. Emails were sent from Dedicated's existing marketing automation, Voyado.

Yearly Summary Sent to Donating Customers

“Charity Funnel strengthens our communication to our customers and helps us to work against an aligned charitable goal together with them.”

Kalle Sjöholm
E-commerce manager, Dedicated

Omnichannel Donations

Dedicated aimed to transform the donation process into an omnichannel experience, seamlessly connecting physical donations to their stores managed by their Point Of Sale System (POS): Sitoo.

Charities Spreading the Word Credibly

Charity Funnel takes the lead in managing all communication with charitable foundations, including requesting the use of their logos and disbursing donations. Furthermore, we encourage charities to promote the collaboration through their channels to enhance credibility and generate top-of-the-funnel traffic. One Tree Planted, with its 65k followers on Facebook, responded positively.

Outcomes After 4 Months

Trees Planted: 4492

And what do “Aligned Values” lead in 4 months? Donating customers, as opposed to non-donating customers, showed the following behaviour:

  • Returned 12,5% less orders
  • Had a 92% higher Average Order Value*
  • Had a 4 percentage units higher Retention Rate*

*calculations exclude all returns and donations

Donations were collected in 6 currencies from 32 countries.

The importance of clear communication regarding retail impact efforts continues to grow. Whoever your stakeholders and whatever your mission: credibly tell your story with data contributed by your own customers to nurture the altruistic ecosystems of tomorrow.

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